company mission

The BMSG-Biomedical Solutions Group, Inc. ( BMSG-Poland ) is an independent, privately owned biotech services company based in the state of Illinois, USA. The company uses the main research facilities of the Jagiellonian University and Polish Academy of Sciences ( PAN) in Krakow, Poland. BMSG, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a logical continuation of R&D activities of leading Polish specialists in advanced medicine, biomedicine and biotechnology. Since its inception BMSG, Inc. remains one of the pioneers in the biotechnology sector in Poland and Central Europe.

Benefits Provided & Assets Information

1. In Kind Benefits

Machinery and Equipment for Genetic Engineering. DNA Research and Analysis Transgenic animals plant.

2. In Kind Benefits

Fluorescence Microscopes, Electrophoresis Equipment for DNA and Proteins Differentiation, Chromatography Equipment, PCR Termocyclers, DNA-sequencing equipment-Alfa-System, DNA-pyrosequencing equipment.

3. In Kind Benefits

High-Speed Centrifuge-Alfa, Confocal Microscopes, Flow Cytometer, Incubators & Hoods.

our projects

Short description of the 4 projects: diagnostic markers for Respiratory Tract tumors, GI Tract tumors, Head and Neck tumors, Female Reproductive Tract tumors.