Benefits to be provided by BMSG-Poland

  1. In Kind Benefits Machinery and Equipment for Genetic Engineering. DNA Research and Analysis Transgenic animals plant. Experimental facility.
  2. In Kind Benefits Fluorescence Microscopes, Electrophoresis Equipment for DNA and Proteins Differentiation, Chromatography Equipment, PCR Termocyclers, DNA-sequencing equipment-Alfa-System, DNA-pyrosequencing equipment.
  3. In Kind Benefits High-Speed Centrifuge-Alfa, Confocal Microscopes, Flow Cytometer, Incubators & Hoods.
  4. Land Krakow’s Prime location, 10 min drive from the neighbourhood International airport. Land under development.
  5. Other assets Land to lease: Approx 30 h, 45 min drive from the city center. Land under development for a new laboratory.


Tangible And Intangible Assets:

  • Laboratory facilities including animal surgery rooms, embryo manipulation lab.
  • Modern Laboratory equipment for genetic-engineering, DNA Sequencing
  • Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Spectrophotometers Equipment
  • Sources of clean, locally-bred and not infected animals at 30-40% less prices than in Western Europe
  • Expertise of a number of prominent specialists from medicine, veterinary medicine
  • Intangible assets: highly qualified staff including MD’s, DVM’s, Vet-Surgeons
  • Operating costs 40-60% less expensive than in the U.S.
  • Our established contacts with different institutes, laboratories and manufacturing plants
  • Outsourcing of certain laboratory facilities
  • Cooperation with the Foundation for Medical Development in Central Europe-FMDCE
  • Growing market for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in Poland- market for pharmaceuticals in year 2012 estd. at U$ 3.5 bln., for biotech in year 2015 estd. at U$ 350 mln., grows at 10-12% annually.


Capital Equipment/Assets:

  • Micromanipulation equipment.
  • Incubators.
  • Cryogenic freezer containers.
  • Flow Cytometry Equipment.
  • Gear for the molecular DNA isolation.
  • High-Speed Centrifuge.
  • Electrophoresis equipment.
  • Safety Cabinets.
  • Fluorescence and Radioactivity Scanner.
  • Cold Room Safety Cabinets.
  • Fluorescence Microscopes.
  • DNA sequencing equipment -Alfa.
  • DNA pyro-sequencing gear.
  • PCR Thermocyclers.
  • Electrophoresis equipment for DNA/Proteins.
  • Chromatography equipment.
  • Spectrophotometers.
  • DNA sequencing analysis gear.
  • Deep-Beta Freezers.
  • Water Purification system for DNA.
  • Confocal Microscopes.
  • Flow Cytometer.
  • Incubators & Hoods.