Flax has historically been valued for its abundance of fat, which provides a unique mix of fatty acids. Flax is making its mark in the world’s food supply as a functional food. Functional foods deliver a health boost beyond what might be expected from their traditional nutrient content. Flax meets this description perfectly, being rich in alpha-linolenic acid, the essential omega-3 fatty acid, and phytochemicals, also providing dietary fiber and protein. Popularity of flax is steadily growing. Many flax products and ingredients for the animal and human food markets are under development. The scope of the project is to develop Bioflax, product based on flaxseed as a functional food and in the future to extend its function as preventive drug. Health-conscious consumers raise the demand for flax-enriched foods as they become more aware of the potential benefits of flax in reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.Last minute info: Already on sale in Poland