In last few years an important expansion of human DNA sampling and data collecting in order to exploit and study the genetic information collected was observed. The strategic importance of this activity for genetic research and its applications in biomedicine is very important. Human DNA, tissue or cell collections, Guthrie cards as well as databases, which are attached to such biological resources, are necessary for a wide range of purposes and these collections have been extensively exchanged for scientific purposes. However, the status of collections is not very well known and most laboratories that bank DNA have no written policies or agreements regarding this activity. Still, many DNA banks are concerned about how to obtain valid informed consent, safeguard the privacy of samples and data, and avoid potential misunderstandings with depositors. The rules that regulate access are still governed by practices that vary widely with the type of collection. The rules for exchange and sharing of information and material are not clear. The notion of return of benefits to the communities, which recognizes their contribution, is fairly recent.
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics was established in 1992. Since that time 20,000 DNA samples were deposited. DNA bank represents random sample of Polish population from whole country.


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